Hi all,

I'm using vpopmail 5.2.1 (the last stable release... Could we please
get an update to this branch sometime soon?). I have noticed that when
an account is set to forward mail and then I create an alias to that
account (using QmailAdmin, for example), it create a .qmail-blah file
(where blah is the alias), containing a line like this:

    /path/to/vdelivermail "" /path/to/real/user/Maildir/

However, this doesn't honor .qmail files that sit in that user's
directory instructing mail to be forwarded!  Neither does this:

    /path/to/vdelivermail "" [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I want it to be that when a user (we have many of them) using
QmailAdmin creates an alias to an account that forwards, that the
alias will forward too. Is this such a strange request?

Any suggestions?


Moshe Jacobson 
AIM: Jehsom

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