I'm about to release a new 5.3.20 devel version.

Does anyone have any patches they  would like to submit?

Some differences from the 5.3.19 release
1) copies the vlimits.h file into the vpopmail/include directory.
The  latest qmailadmin devel release needs the vlimits.h file.

2) New --enable-rebuild-tcpserver-file option to disable 
rebuilding of that file for sites that use the tcpserver/mysql patch.

3) configure did not display the ldap option at the end
if --enable-ldap=y is used

4) new --enable-active-directory option. This is the
initial active directory module code to let vpopmail
use active directory as an authentication store.

5) new vauth_crypt() api function to encapsulate
the normal crypt() function. Active directory 
servers requrie an active directory call to do 
authentication. It won't just hand back an encrypted
password to use with crypt()

6) replace pw_comp() function with new vauth_crypt()

Thta's about it.
If no one submits patches by end of day Tuesday, I'll
release 5.3.20 as is. The plan then is to let Bill
Shupp finish up some things before we release a 
new 5.4.0 stable version in association with a new
qmailadmin 1.2.0 release.

Ken Jones

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