As I suspected vconvert doesn't lookup the location of vpasswd based on
assign or any other file for that matter. It only seems to use the vpopmail
home directory. Here is the strace segment that tells the story.

2140  read(3, "\377\32\4Table \'vpopmail\' already exists", 34) = 34
2140  open("/sites/home/vpopmail/postoffice/", O_RDONLY) = -1
ENOENT (No such file or directory)
2140  write(1, "converting domain conversion failed\n", 44) = 44
2140  exit(0)                           = ?

Of course vpasswd isn't located at /sites/home/vpopmail/ on my new systems.
It is under the users directory. If vconvert had a -u switch which we could
use to designate the user and thus the users home directory I think vconvert
would work great. However it doesn't. If there was a -u switch it could
default to ~vpopmail thus keeping to typical configuration.

Anybody up for a patch?

Wil Hatfield

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> Hi Wil,
> On Fri, 21 Mar 2003 12:25:42 -0800 Wil Hatfield - HVHM Customer
> Care wrote:
> > I know nothing of strace(). The conversion seems to want to
> find it at the
> > old path of ~vpopmail/domains/ and it gladly
> converts if
> > it finds the information there. But of course all of the paths are wrong
> What I could see from vconvert.c source code it searches the location of
> vpasswd file in "/var/qmail/users/assign".
> So I'd suggest you
> - either add the new domain via 'vadddomain' if you switched to a new
>   server and the old directories aren't present
> - or correct the path in above mentioned file to fit the new location if
>   you're working on the same server and only recompiled vpopmail.
> vconvert searches a.m. file for correct path, opens 'vpasswd' fiel in
> this found location and does a 'vdeldomain' followed by a 'vaddomain'
> and than parses the vpasswd file into 'vadduser' (of course called
> functions are named a littel bit different, as it uses the API calls
> directly, the the principle should be shown correctly).
> So you have to use vconvert of vpopmail compiled with MySQL support, for
> 'vadddomain' and 'vadduser' being able to add the users to database!!!
> For security reasons I'd make a backup of old vpopmail directories as
> well as of database before trying to convert, there are deleting action
> I don't know of all possible consequences!!!
> If conversation fails again I'd suggest you send the file produced by
> strace -o /tmp/vconvert.log -f -s 1024 ~vpopmail/bin/vconvert -c
> -m -d <domain>
> namely the file '/tmp/vconvert.log', as attachment for us being able to
> inspect what could have went wrong.
> After all this is done (successfully) you should call 'qmail-newu' to
> update the qmail-user-cdb file according to qmail-user-assign, which
> contains the new path(s).
> Make sure you keep a copy of original 'assign' file as well, in case
> something went wrong you should copy it back and call qmail-newu, so old
> paths are prevented.
> > What vpopmail needs is a big picture like Dan has put together
> for qmail. I
> > think that would be a very valuable resource. Have one that shows the
> > schematic of qmail/vpopmail using .cdb and then one showing
> qmail/vpopmail
> > using mysql. That would be most informative.
> ... and showing vpopmail using pgsql, cdb, etc ... simply all types of
> lookup ... quite big project, which is I assume the reason nobody has
> done this "big picture" before :-)
> --
> Ciao,
>  Pit

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