On Monday 24 March 2003 22:05, you wrote:
>   > On Monday 24 March 2003 20:53, Ken Jones wrote:
>   > > I'm about to release a new 5.3.20 devel version.
>   > >
>   > > Does anyone have any patches they  would like to submit?
>   > >
>   > >
>   > > Thta's about it.
>   > > If no one submits patches by end of day Tuesday, I'll
>   > > release 5.3.20 as is. The plan then is to let Bill
>   > > Shupp finish up some things before we release a
>   > > new 5.4.0 stable version in association with a new
>   > > qmailadmin 1.2.0 release.
>   >
>   > Fine. I really think we should finish vlimits before 5.4.0. At least to
>   > an extent where it actually is doing something.
> Its been working for me since mid last year.  I've submitted
> the patches only this year, starting around January.
> It essentially wraps the .qmailadmin-limits file access
> to an API and also allows the information to be stored
> in MySQL.  When I put together the API, I had asked for
> other "wishlist" items, which I put into the structures
> but haven't implemented such as "permissions".  The quotas,
> limits, defaults limits, etc. all work fine and have been
> for quite some time.
> So I have no idea what you mean that it should "do something".
> The infrastructure is now there for people to implement the
> items they "wished" for.  If I get spare cycles, I'll look
> at them, but the areas I use were done a year ago, except for
> domain quotas which was completed last month.
> Brian

ok, sorry brian :)
it is just that i don't use qmailadmin and i don't want to. if i have some 
option in my vlimits which denies imap, then why does vchkpw allow me to 
login via imap ?? this is what i feel vlimit should do. for limiting some 
userfrontend i actually don't need any feature of vpopmail, as i can easily 
use my own mysql tables.

furthermore there is no single ./vsetlimit utility.
this isn't meant to attack you in any way, brian, and i didn't say _you_ 
should do all this. you did a great job adding the vlimits, which are able to 
do more, than they are doing at the moment.

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