> Brian Kolaski sent in a new patch today for qmailadmin that
> probably fixes the problem.

Execllent! I spent couple of hours hunting for it :-)

Myabe it could be good for future releases but I miss one feature:

My users wnat to be informed on their mobiles about new mail, so I wrote
wrapper script that could be put into .qmail taking a phone number as a
parameter but qmailadmin lacks of chance for user to put his number into
account details form.

I thought it would be nice if during configure run admin could set smtn like

--with-wrapper-scripts=/usr/bin/one|/usr/bin/two --with-wrapper-label=Featur
e one|Feature two

so that in moduser page there were additiona fields labelled corresponding.

If filled, qmailadmin would put

|/usr/bin/one parameter_from_field_one
|/usr/bin/two parameter_from_field_two

This way users could also implement some customized filtering action on
their mailboxes.


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