Hi Nicola,

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003 16:18:09 +0100 Nicola Delbono wrote:

>>  cdbdump </var/qmail/users/cdb |tr '\000' '\t' |grep 'domain'
>>  give?
> server-key5:/var/vpopmail/bin# cdbdump </var/qmail/users/cdb |tr '\000' '\t' |grep 
> 'domain1.com'
> gives:
> +16,61:!domain1.com  ->domain1.com        1004    1001   
> /var/vpopmail/users/domain1.com
> +16,64:!domain1.com-->domain1.com 1004   1001    /var/vpopmail/domains/domain1.com   
>  -

Beside the fact I find it rather unusual you have a value for
'domain1.com' additionally to the usual 'domain1.com-' it shows the path
is noted correctly ...

>>- What version of vpopmail are you using?
> server-key5:/var/vpopmail/bin# ./vadddomain -v
> version: 4.9.10

Rather old one ... But you're lucky: I still had a 4.9.10 on my
I was able to do some testing and have to say: there's a bug in
vuserinfo of 4.9.10. It's corrected at least in 5.2.1 (the earliest
version I was able to check, bigger than 4.9.10).

The good news is: there seem to be a "work around" possible in 4.9.10:

vuserinfo -D domain1.com [EMAIL PROTECTED]

seems to work. At least it did with /var/qmail/users/cdb file and
vpopmail directories and vpasswd.cdb created with 5.3.XX version here on
my harddisk.

Nevertheless I'd _strongly_ suggest you upgrade to 5.2.1 ASAP, there're
a lot of bugs fixed in this version, present in 4.9.10.


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