I'm just going to steal your thread for a sec here. ;p

I saw this in the Courier-IMAP 1.7.1 ChangeLog the other day. It has stopped
me from upgrading.

* authlib/preauthvchkpw.c (auth_vchkpw_pre): Disable open_smtp_relay() until
fixed by authvchkpw devs.

Does anyone have any clarification on this?

Rob Gridley, System Administrator

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On 3/25/03 11:35 AM, "David Hubbard" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Hello Courier users,
> just wondering if anyone could point
> me in the right direction for what to look
> at.  I am building a new mail server with
> qmail/vpopmail and courier-imap/pop3.  I
> set courier for authvchkpw auth type and
> it works successfully for imap and pop3
> logins.  vpopmail never sets the open-relay
> for the host doing the Courier login.  It
> does set it correctly if I use qmail's pop3
> server and vchkpw to authorize the connection.
> Is this a courier or vpopmail issue?  I'm
> running the latest courier-imap devel
> version courier-imap- and vpopmail
> 5.3.19.
> Thanks,
> David

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