On Tuesday 25 March 2003 17:34, Brian Kolaci wrote:
> > i'm going to post (a very similar one) tomorrow for .qmail-limits files.
i think this should stay in the vauth_getpw function (which is in vauth.c).
this way, when you later decide to  disable_imap=1 you won't have to change it 
for all the users in that domain. also authvchkpw.c (from 
courier-imap/authlib) directly calls vauth_getpw.
and as i said.. i'm posting a patch vor vcdb.c/vpgsql.c/vsybase.c tomorrow to 
cover the other auth modules.

anyways, i can see that the vpopmail.c:vadduser approach also has a good 
point: vlimits would then only serve as a "default" for each domain. one 
could still enable _single_ users to access their mail via imap/webmail/ ... 
or disable smtp for others. maybe some others post their opinion on this?

brian: is this what vlimits was originally indented to be? a default setting 
for the users of a domain (well plus some generall max settings..)? 

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