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Hi Neil,
I am running in to something similar and I think there may be a lock somewhere on the account.  When my Outlook checks the account it works fine.. but when I try to login through SquirrelMail it gives me an invalid username or password.  If I disable the account in my outlook and wait awhile then I am able to login to SquirrelMail without an issue.  I am not sure what this is .. but for the most part it does not affect me as I am using squirrelmail for all the people that use my mail server that don't want to use a Mail client to check their email.
Rob G
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Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2003 1:03 PM
Subject: [vchkpw] Authentication problems

I am experiencing a strange problem and I have been told that it may be a known bug with vpopmail.  The environment is Qmail + Vpopmail + Courier-Imap + SquirrelMail.  Everything appears to be working fine (I can log in through Outlook client and SquirrelMail) until I switch to a new user (on the same box).  Once I do this, the original user can't log in anymore.  I get an error that the user ID or password is incorrect.  The new user is fine until I try a third user.  Again the same thing and now neither of the first two users can log in anymore.  If I reboot the server then everything returns to normal until I try to use more than one user again.
I have checked all the logs and there is no indication of what is going on.  There are a bunch of entries for successful LOGIN and LOGOUT and then all of a sudden a bunch of failures.  I am wondering if maybe my server is locking a user to a PC IP address for some strange reason.
I have tried checking the logs, restarting imap, restarting qmail and checking for strange entries in the config files.  I'm stumped on this one.  I've also duplicated this problem just by using the outlook clients and just by using the squirrelmail client so I don't think the problem rests with either of those two.  I've also asked this question on the courier-imap list and they indicated it was a known vpopmail bug.
Any ideas or suggestions?  Is this a know bug and is there a resolution?
Thanks in advance,

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