Title: Courier imap and vpopmail


I recently installed courier imap to complement qmail for the use of
squirrel mail.  the setup is qmail (and it's requirements) vpopmail
(using mysql for the database auth), courier imap and vpopmail.

The problem i am experiencing is that one domain (currently 2 on the
server) will have the .Drafts, .Sent, .Trash folders along with the
courierimapsubscribed and courierimapuiddb files created when logging
in using IMAP.  The other domain does not get this treatement.

I can log in a few times to the user on the domain that the imap
folders are not created, but this is eventually prevented.  Deleting
the user and recreating does not help, the folders are never created.
Login to all but one account (not the postmaster) is the eventual
result (via IMAP).  Restarting imapd does then allow access, but the
process is eventually repeated (10-60 minutes)

I have read the FAQ, I have read the archives of both this list,
google groups search and the archives on sourceforge (a pain since
their search engine is busted (or I don't know how to use it)) so
please do not refer me to those venues.

If you need additional information such as config parameters or the
like, please let me know what you would like.

Thank you,
Jamie Jensen

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