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>> If you have no pipes in the command, does vdelivermail work as normal?

> yes, it does.  No problems.

Okay bearing in mind I'm no Solaris expert so someone else may want to
jump in here - what output do you get if you do something like:

HOST="broadviewnet.net"; EXT="tester"; export EXT HOST;
echo "To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]" |
truss /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce_no_mailbox

(all one line - I've broken it up)

I've put "truss" where I'd normally put "strace" on Linux although I'm
not sure what the equivalent of strace is on Solaris (I think its
truss). Hopefully the cmd line above will generate the same segfault
and the output may give an idea of where.

You may also want to add a pipe to /usr/bin/spamc in between
the echo and vdelivermail. If the output is large feel free to mail it
me off list.


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