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> Could someone provide details of what vlimits patch does.
> I have seen some interesting threads about it
> thanks
> Matt.

basically it lets you "limit" the usage of a vpopmail controlled domain.
this means: 
limit the max no of pop accounts/forwards/aliases/mailinglists
set max domain quota and max message limit (per domain)
set default quota/message limit for every new user
limit the permissions you have with qmail-admin

so far for theory. at the moment the max number of pop accounts.... isn't 
enforced in vpopmail (actually vpopmail really doesn't care).. and most other 
features also only work with qmailadmin.

i'm going to provide patches for the other tools, so that you won't be able to 
create a vpopmail pop account when max_popaccounts=10 and there already are 
10 popmail accounts..

this will be more difficult for the forwards/mailingslists, as they just 
aliases. (and there is a limit for aliases as well). same for autoresponders. 
to limit autoresponders/mailinglists one would have to define a autoresponder 
at compile time (one thing that i think we should do)

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