Thank you John,

That's what I thought.

I have now to say to my firewall to accept smtp for him

Is it necessary to have qmail-pop* run on the firewall where iptables is running on and redirect pop3 to mail server.

Roaming users have to go to mail server to read their mails.


Le jeudi, 27 mars 2003, à 19:06 Europe/Paris, John Johnson a écrit :

The Mail server that does the scanning needs to have the MX and you will
need to edit the
smtproutes file to forward mail for all domains to the second server...


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How can I do to have 2 qmail servers on 2 differents machines ?

- The first on "" for scan virus with qmail-scanner

- The second "" on network for delivery virtuals domains
with vpopmail

Thanx for your help

Yves Roumagnac

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