This might be a qmail question, not a vpopmail question, but thought I'd
start here first.  Please point me away if appropriate.  I am working on a
new mail system (based on RH8), based mostly on Bill's toaster scripts.  I
have qmail 1.03 + vpopmail 5.3.19 w/ mysql + qmail-scanner (clamav,
SpamAssassin) + maildrop 1.5.2.  Under default configs, with qmail-scanner
running, everything works swell.  However, as soon as I modify the
.qmail-default file to be "| maildrop ../mailfilter" where the mailfilter

VPOP="| /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox"
to "$VPOP"

...then mail delivery ceases to work.  I started out with a full-fledged
mailfilter script, but have simplified to the above just to verify that the
handoff works correctly.

Does anybody have any ideas on why switching to this would break delivery?
I'm wondering if my maildrop is buggy or something.  I'm working with v1.5.2
on a RH8 platform, compiled clean last week.  No upgrading involved.
Permissions all appear good.  All files/dirs are owned by vpopmail:vchkpw,
the .qmail-default is chmod 600 and the mailfilter is in
/home/vpopmail/domains and is chmod 400.  Just at a complete loss here and
nearing wit's end...

Thank you,


Benjamin Tomhave, Senior Systems Engineer
Sofast Communications      www.sofast.net

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