How do you know it isn't working? I ask because I have
VPopmail,Qmailadmin,Courier installed and the relay works find. Are you
saying that my relay has to be wide open if I am able to send?

Wil Hatfield

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> Subject: RE: [vchkpw] vpopmail enable-roaming with courier
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> >
> > After connecting via pop, and listing mesages, the tcp.smtp related
> > files are unaltered, when I try to send via smtp I get a host not in
> > rcpthost.. The courier log shows succesfull login. I
> > configure vpopmail with the default logging, I don't see anything
> > related to vchkpw or vpopmail in the logs.
> You didn't miss anything Ian, the author of Courier
> has disabled the open_relay function in the latest
> versions due to some security problem in vpopmail.
> He has evidently supplied info about this to the
> vpopmail authors but no one has talked about what
> the problem is or what the timeframe is to a fix.
> David

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