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On Monday, March 31, 2003 at 9:01:59 AM you wrote (at least in part):

>>> how authenticated relay control on my qmail smtp server

> the result.. is smtp auth is working
> but on email client if you not set smtp auth also working....

So you have a general "relaying allowed" rules somewhere ...
If you're using tcpserver from ucspi-tcp check the corresponding .cdb
file if there's something that let the client relay because of their
IP address.

If you have the IP-address the client uses to connect the server you
can do a

TCPREMOTEIP=<IP> tcprulescheck <.cdb file used by qmail-smtpd tcpserver>

to figure out if RELAYCLIENT is set (albeit hopefully empty).
If this is the case: go figure why it is set.
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