It looks like vmysql.c doesn't allow authenticated users to be excluded from
rblsmtpd. This is a problem since we use DUL blacklists and valid users are
not able to send out mail. This line (vmysql.c line 761 in version 5.3.16):

snprintf(SqlBufRead, SQL_BUF_SIZE, "%s:allow,RELAYCLIENT=\"\"\n",row[0]);

should probably look like:

snprintf(SqlBufRead, SQL_BUF_SIZE,
"%s:allow,RELAYCLIENT=\"\",RBLSMTPD=\"\"\n", row[0]);

Correct? I'm not sure if this is the best way to approach, but perhaps
someone can offer a suggestion. Is INSERTing the IP into the vpopmail.relay
table the best way to handle authenticated users/relaying? Is there a better
method - such as requiring SMTP authentication?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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