::> > furthermore you might want to try move the .qmail-bogo-spam  file to
::> > /home/vpopmail/domains/robinbowes.com/.qmail-bogo-spam
::> > and move the .qmail file to
::> > /home/vpopmail/domains/robinbowes.com/.qmail-robin
::> Would this catch everything delivered to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
::the problem is: i think vpopmail completly ignores
::~vpopmail/domain.com/user/.qmail-ext  files.

Clarification on this one point...

Vpopmail doesn't ignore .qmail-ext files... the mail actually never makes it
to vpopmail when you use a .qmail-ext file.

The reason is order of precedence of .qmail files and how qmail treates

.qmail-ext files placed in the domain directory are processed by qmail-local
before the .qmail-default file for the domain. As such, vpopmail
(vdelivermail, which is contained in .qmail-default) is never called.

Like I said before... just a clarification.

Tom Walsh
Network Administrator

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