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> I'm using qmail+vpopmail and I have a problem with the vuserinfo: the
> command is not giving back any information when I type
> ./vuserinfo [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> I've straced the vuserinfo command. In the end of the strace output, I
> can see that vuserinfo tries to load a vpasswd from the directory
> /home/vpopmail/user/vpasswd, but this directory doesn't exist... So
> I've tried to make a link in this dir, but this would work only for one
> domain, and there are many.
> Does anybody have an idea how to tell vuserinfo to open the vpasswd
> from the domaindir??

Two things:

1.) Don't you think it could be _VERY_ useful if you'd include the
  versions of software you're using, especially vpopmail version?
  I hope you do and just forgotten it because your problem is _so_
  important you had to drop the note immediately.

2.) Guess why this list is archived.

        http://www.mail-archive.com/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg11972.html

    should give you an idea about the "work around solution" to your

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