Hi, we recently had a problem on our server where someone accidently did a
"rm -rf /" for a few seconds (yes it is true) and /etc along with many other
things were wiped out. Thankfully the qmail and vpopmail directories were
not changed. Our host installed a new drive with freebsd on it and I copied
the qmail and vpopmail folders over to the new drive and tried to start it
up. I did the regular checks such as disabling sendmail and moving the
startup scripts. vdominfo reports all the domains have the correct number of
users. When I start qmail there are no errors but authentication no longer
works. The install is per LWQ directions. In the pop logs all I see is stuff
like this:

@400000003e89b5440e764f04 tcpserver: end 445 status 256
@400000003e89b5440e776c2c tcpserver: status: 0/20
@400000003e89b583057164fc tcpserver: status: 1/20
@400000003e89b5830578b02c tcpserver: pid 481 from
@400000003e89b583057c59ac tcpserver: ok 481 0:

but nothing more after a failed attempt at a pop login. I have no idea where
to go from here as to how to debug this login problem any help is

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