On Mon, March 31, 2003 2:51 pm, "Justin Heesemann" said:
>> > furthermore you might want to try move the .qmail-bogo-spam  file to
>> > /home/vpopmail/domains/robinbowes.com/.qmail-bogo-spam

This works.

>> > and move the .qmail file to
>> > /home/vpopmail/domains/robinbowes.com/.qmail-robin
>> Would this catch everything delivered to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> the problem is: i think vpopmail completly ignores
> ~vpopmail/domain.com/user/.qmail-ext  files.

At the risk of repeating myself, is there any particular reason for this?
Is there any work around?

> so you could stick with your
> /home/vpopmail/domains/robinbowes.com/robin/.qmail
> file to catch all [EMAIL PROTECTED] mail
> and use a /home/vpopmail/domains/robinbowes.com/.qmail-robin-bogo-spam
> file to
> catch mail for
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]  (mail to this adress won't be processed by
> the
> robin/.qmail file)

I've done this and it works.

However, this is rather awkward to use for several users. I guess a more
centralised way to do this would be to run bogofilter from qmail-queue and
to use maildrop to filter the messages as they are delivered, or even
filter in the MUA.

Any thoughts on this?

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