On Wednesday 02 April 2003 18:02, Robin Bowes wrote:
> Justin,
> On Mon, March 31, 2003 2:51 pm, "Justin Heesemann" said:
> >> > furthermore you might want to try move the .qmail-bogo-spam  file to
> >> > /home/vpopmail/domains/robinbowes.com/.qmail-bogo-spam
> This works.
> >> > and move the .qmail file to
> >> > /home/vpopmail/domains/robinbowes.com/.qmail-robin
> >>
> >> Would this catch everything delivered to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> >
> > the problem is: i think vpopmail completly ignores
> > ~vpopmail/domain.com/user/.qmail-ext  files.
> At the risk of repeating myself, is there any particular reason for this?
> Is there any work around?

i don't think there is a well defined reason.. however vpopmail is designed 
for many users. and as you can see from the directory structure  (chmod 700 
vpopmail.vchkpw) it is not meant that every user puts his own .qmail-whatever 
files in that tree, even more so, as most of these users don't know what to 
put in it and could do some damage by (imagine someone putting a 
|rm -fR ~vpopmail    alias into his own .qmail file..)

well, some of us know what to do with .qmail files, but no one forces you to 
use vdelivermail for them. you can probably put them into 
/var/qmail/users/assign and still have all other users of that domain use 

> > so you could stick with your
> > /home/vpopmail/domains/robinbowes.com/robin/.qmail
> > file to catch all [EMAIL PROTECTED] mail
> > and use a /home/vpopmail/domains/robinbowes.com/.qmail-robin-bogo-spam
> > file to
> > catch mail for
> > [EMAIL PROTECTED]  (mail to this adress won't be processed
> > by the
> > robin/.qmail file)
> I've done this and it works.
> However, this is rather awkward to use for several users. I guess a more
> centralised way to do this would be to run bogofilter from qmail-queue and
> to use maildrop to filter the messages as they are delivered, or even
> filter in the MUA.

bogofilter is best used with different spam/ham lists for every user. as it 
learns, which mail users receive you'll get less good results when you use 
only one database for all. furthermore, imagine a newsletter. some users may 
see it as spam, and mark it that way..

i use it in a domain based way: one database for each domain (they have only 
few users, who often share the same interests)

also, why do you have to filter the mail for them? add the **spam** part to 
the subject and have them filter those mails themselves.

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