I have a problem, and it may just be that vdelivermail doesnt handle bounced mail this way, but the docs don't really say

I have alot of vhosts. When mail gets sent to a user that does not exist it gets bounced to the user and to the default postmaster not of the domain but for the email server.

my .qmail.default file says
| /usr/home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox

so I assume that it should only bounce to the person who sent it. However it is also sending a message to the default postmaster for the server. I would like it to not send any message to the postmaster and if that is not possible to send a email to the postmaster for the domain that it is related to not the default postmaster for the server.

the man page says:

default account for delivery]
If the email does match any .qmail-user file and also does not match any virtual domain user, this is the default delivery instructions. There are three values this may contain.
       Full path to a vpopmail user directory
       email address to forward email too
       the string bounce-no-mailbox to bounce the email back to the sender.
Default is the postmaster account

Is it possible to turn off the forwarding to default postmaster or at least send it to the postmaster for that domain that the message was being sent?

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