Probably the orginal programmer didn't have time
to do a complete review, and no one has investigated it.


On Thursday 03 April 2003 14:58, James H. Thompson wrote:
> I noticed that when using the API and adding a new domain, there are cases
> where no error is returned even though the operation failed.
> I suspect that this is becuase in
> in vpopmail.c
> in the routine vadddomain
> there are several calls to routines that do not check for an error return
> code.
> For example, the call:
>     add_domain_assign( domain, domain, TmpBuf, uid, gid );
> can fail (and did in my case), but no check is made to see if that
> happened.
> Is this a oversight/bug or is there something I'm overlooking?
> Thanks.
> Jim
> James H. Thompson

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