Hi Ken,

why are you ignoring my patch at www.interazioni.it/qmail?

You know it exists and works, so I don't understand why you continue to ignore it and prefer to post a rough (and poor) one.


At 05/04/03 05/04/03 -0600, Ken Jones wrote:
I read on the qmail list last week that someone switched from qmail
to postfix (or something else, I don't remember) because qmail-smtpd
doesn't support checking for valid users.

I added those features to qmail-smtpd this morning using two vpopmail
functions.  One to check if the user exists and the other to check their
quota. It doesn't yet check .qmail files for possible aliases or whatnot.
It' is a quick hack, so the code isn't the best.

Is anyone interested in helping develop/test this code?

A patch file is available against DJB's stock qmail-1.03 release:
requires vpopmail-5.3.19 or above.

Ken Jones

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