I posted a message a few weeks ago about the maildirsize patch by Bill
Shupp. I found a bug, but I don't know where the problem is.

  After applying the patch qmail-pop3d and qmail-local will update the
maildirsize file BUT if there is a .qmail file in the user maildir is
will NOT be updated. Now, I don't know if this is a problem with the
qmail binaries or perhaps a vdelivermail problem.

  Since this is a maildirsize thread I find useful posting this message
and I hope this can help fixing all maildirsize problems.

  Best Regards Vpopmailers !!!

El mar, 03 de 06 de 2003 a las 11:52, Ken Jones escribió:
> Hi Folks,
> Does anyone have any code changes they would like to get into the
> next release? I want to put together a new stable version 5.4. 
> Hopefully release it in the next few weeks.
> Currenly the only change I have is to management of maildirsize files.
> There are some cases when the quota is changed, the maildirsize file
> is not rebuild, just deleted. This causes sqwebmail to not see a 
> quota usage until email is delivered to the account, or they pop in.
> Ken Jones
Alfredo Perez <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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