I have noticed that on my test installation which allows both pop and
courier-imap (using only vchkpw auth) that if I create an account with no
password (vadduser -n [EMAIL PROTECTED]), imap logins are always a success but
the password is not learned.

If the user uses pop to connect the password is learned, but until then
the account can use any password to connect using the imap connection.

Is it possible for passwords to also be learned from an imap connection?

If not, is it possible to make the imap connection fail if there is no
password set, forcing the user to pop at least 1 time to set the password?

Once the password is set with pop the imap connections work as expected,
only allowing the login if the correct password is supplied.

I am using vpopmail 5.3.16 and courier-imap 1.7.3.

Thank you.

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