Hello people.

i was a new installation of qmail+vpopmail+mysql in a new server, the instalation that's ok.

but, i need migrate my accounts email to my new server, the old qmail have authentiation with cdb files, and i need migrate to auth with mysql.

i try use de vconvert utility, i read de README.msysql, but the instruccion.

#vconvert -c -s

don't work and display the next message.

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ti0.net]# vconvert -c -s
vconvert: invalid option -- s
vconvert: usage
The first option sets which format to convert FROM the second option sets which format to convert TO -e = etc format
-c = cdb format
-m = sql format
-S = set sqwebmail passwords
-v = version
-d = debug info

some idea.

plase help me, i have 20 domains.

sorry but my english it's very bad, i don't speak.


Eduardo Garcia.

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