is the one I use, but the other answer you got
is correct about the config arguement.

POP-Before-IMAP is possible, but for some reason Courier has disabled the
feature for unexplained security reasons. I don't have the information
handy, but I'm sure someone else on the list can provide the file and line
you have to edit to get it to work.


Ben Ullian said:
> does anyone know of a qmail toaster setup guide (with or without mysql
> -- I dont care, cdb is fine) that describes how to implement POP/IMAP
> before SMTP with vpopmail?
> I'm not even sure if IMAP before SMTP is possible, but if so, it would
> be good (i'd be using Courier-IMAP).
> I had a toaster set up a while ago which required POP-before-SMTP, but
> I recompiled Qmail to use mysql and since then I have had open relay
> issues, yet i can't seem to find the original guide i used. I'd be
> willing to ditch mysql entirely and do the first installation again, as
> long as the solution has pop-before-smtp/imap-before-smtp.
> ben

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