I get a mail server running qmail+vpopmail just fine...
And im try to make a backup and restore in another machine, to test a emergency 
procedure, in case of server fails!

Reading some docs, it points the dir that i have to make the backup:

And done, to restore is just put this dir back in the folder in new instalation!

Here is the problem exist, i did that, restart everything (including qmailctl cdb)
the services goes up ok, and when i try to log in pop3 i get the error:

Jun 11 18:17:16 mirelle vpopmail[6079]: vchkpw-pop3: vpopmail user not found [EMAIL 
In vqadmin i can see the domains and the users, but the qmailadmin can't log-in in the 
domains that a recover... just the new ones...

The original files are in vpopmail 5.2 instalation, and the new server has vpopmail 
5.3.20, is that the problem????


Samuel Abreu

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