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Hi Andrew,

> No SMP here, but no problems so far, either, even under heavy NFS load.  I'd

exaclty that was the point "under heavy SMP-load" it broke with several error 
messages working as an NFS-Server ( kernel-space ). Ok, I didn't repeat the 
tests know for 15 month, because I decided to use XFS, so why should do these 
work again ?
Maybe they are now fixed. But I really dont care and as I said it was meant to 
be _my_ experience. But you may search the reifers archives where you can find 
a lot of articles about this issue. It is (was) a known problem.

> eventually like to have the mail spool server as a two or three node 
> (geographically distant) cluster, but I may have to move to AFS for that.  

AFS is fast and secure - I agree, but AFAIK volumes are limited to 8 GB

> I was originally looking at various DFSs but CODA and Intermezzo are both 

CODA also broke under heavy SMP-load in my tests.

> also under the impression that XFS was not a suitable FS, but I have to 
> admit I did not look too hard.
> Do you have some resources on XFS and what to look out for?


You will find a lot of docu.

XFS also supports full POSIX - ACL's.
There are a lot of system tools that come with xfs ( diagnostic, dumps, 
restore, resize ) and which make life very easy and confortable. 
( And of course I am familiar with XFS, because of my IRIX background ;-)) ).

Feel free to use you FS of your choice, so do I.


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