In middle of 2001, I created mail server for multiple domains base
on qmail:

qmail 1.03
ucspi-tcp 0.88
vpopmail 4.9.10

Relaying is enable only from our internal network (LAN) and
few our public IPs. I'm using also enable after pop base
on "open-smtp" in vpopmain/etc.
I have on this server 23 domains with total ~ 21,000 mail
boxes. Most (95%)of the mailboxes are accessible only by
java mail on our LAN, the 95% users may use only the mail
for inside our java application, they don't even know the
mailbox real password.
For 2 days I was logging network traffic on this server (huge files!)
and I know the spam is coming direct from Internet to port 25,
every 3 seconds I'm also appending "open-smtp" file to other log.
The IP what I was looking for I have from spamcop reports (we are listed

The problem started just a few weeks ago. Did somebody found a method how hack qmail/vpopmail ???

Any idea ? Did anybody had a similar problem ?
Any advice welcome.

Thank you,

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