Thank you, very much.

I thoroughly scanned the vpopmail list, but I didn't think about the qmailadmin list (next time I'll remember).

My original solution to the error message was simply to send a Welcome e-mail to the new user immediately after they signup. However, perhaps it is best to create the directories first, so I've now scripted PHP to do it, with the right permissions. My only issue with having PHP create the directories was the additional execution time, but it's not that big of a deal, given the numbers.

Thanks again,

Jeff Hill

At 09:13 AM 13/06/2003 +1000, Michael Bowe wrote:
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Subject: [vchkpw] Adding Users Directly to the MySQL Table: Suggestions?

> I'm working on adding users directly to the mysql tables. It appears from > the list archive that this is reasonable, but I'm not certain if there's > any catch?

I do this pretty regularly with no ill effect

The only thing I have noticed is that the user's maildir wont get created
until their 1st message arrives

This can cause a problem if the user tries to login to qmailadmin before
receiving any mail, as qmailadmin spits an error because it tries to write a
lock file to the non-existent maildir

There was a discussion a while back on the qmailadmin list about the the
pros/cons of creating accounts directly in SQL... maybe have a look at this
thread :[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg03509.html


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