Hello All,

I have been happily using vpopmail for about 2 years. Thank you for a
great tool.

I am in the process of setting up a new server and I am nearly through.
The problem I have is that authentication sometimes fails. I seem to
only have this issue from sqwebmail. I have seen in other mailing
lists that this has recently been a bug in vpopmail but I haven't found
a solution. Here are the specifics:

User [EMAIL PROTECTED] attempts to login from sqwebmail and types the username
and pass correctly. I am using mysql, so I look at the log and the
username string that is presented is johnn or johni or john/.....

sqwebmail-3.5.3 and sqwebmail-3.5.2 and sqwebmail-3.5.1 (all the same) (ugh)
vpopmail-5.3.20 and  vpopmail-5.2.1 (did same thing)

I can't help but think I may have something misconfigured. My production
server is working without a hitch.

BTW, I asked this question on the sqwebmail list and was told it is a
vpopmail/vchkpw bug. It still seems to only happen with sqwebmail
though (for me).

Thanks in advance,

David Bronson

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