On Friday, June 13, 2003, at 04:33 PM, Ron Guerin wrote:
It would be nice to have a template .qmail file that gets coppied into
the vpopmail user's directory when creating a new user.  This would
work sort of like how useradd takes /etc/skel and copies those files
into the new user's home dir.

This is a job for a BASH script around vadduser, not a patch.

That would work, but then you'd have different behavior when adding users from the command line (vadduser) and from qmailadmin (which uses the vpopmail libraries). I was hoping for consistent behavior, perhaps even with other programs that might link into vpopmail.

A modification that used a skeleton directory could also be useful for those who want to have extra Maildirs automatically created (say for SPAM) on user creation. A shell script wrapper does the trick on the command line, but not for qmailadmin.

Tom Collins

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