On Sat, 2003-06-14 at 11:37, Trey Nolen wrote:
> There is a very nice looking package on Freshmeat (http://www.freshmeat.net)
> today that allows users to make changes to their Spamassassin preferences
> via the web. Has anyone tried using it with Vpopmail?

Hmm Look at this in config.php:
        // user_prefs File Location
        // If you typed "file" for $prefs_source above, set this
        // variable
        // to the location of the user_prefs file. WebUserPrefs doesn't
        // have authentication modules (yet) so you may want to write
        // own authentication scheme and set this variable accordingly.

        $user_prefs     = "user_prefs";

It looks like it only works with a single "user_prefs" file..

If you call spamassassin with -u vpopmail, it's supposed to grab the
prefs file from vpopmail/domains/user/.spamassassin.

I think the place for this is qmailadmin, but it would probably
integrate easier with Horde (I already pass login info to qmailadmin
from Horde) or Sqwebmail...

I think you need to replace $user_prefs with the full directory, if
you're using SQL, it would be easy enough to grab that from the table
based on the user's login name - I force users to use their complete
email address for login..

If I get around to it, I'm up for giving it a try. (rebuilding a server
at the moment..)


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