I thought I was sending mail to the list, but was actually sending it to Chris, so for the list, here's what I did:
OK... here was my problem.

I was getting this error in /var/log/qmail/pop3d/ logs as follows:

tcpserver: fatal: unable to bind: address already used

This meant that I had another service running... sooo

I did a

# netstat -lp

that told me this:

tcp      0    0 *:pop3        *:*       LISTEN   12326/xinetd

So, I went to


and got rid of a file called:


(which, by the way is an integral part of ensim... and if you are actively
using ensim... DO NOT remove this... probably if you are installing qmail...
you are not using ensim)

then I did this:

#xinetd restart

and now I have:

tcp      0    0 *:pop3      *:*       LISTEN   12328/tcpserver

not to mention, I also have this:

any luck on your situation Jeff?


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