> Well ... but you know this ain't Windows? You're not
> enforced to accept silently anything your system

Winders I can tweak! ;-) This is giving me grief ..

> Your system does what it's told to do, not what it
> wants.

Don't tell me you really truly believe that .. ;-)

>Tell it to use "the other" vchkpw :-)

I thought I had.
> > maybe I should just get nasty and delete them?
> Do it. As it doesn't belong to any packet any 
> longer

Quite.  Done it.

>> /home/vpopmail/bin/vchkpw \
>> Is it maybe catching the first entry in the
>> $PATH??
> Usually it would, but in above exmaple you didn't
> give system the chance to search the path for
> You specified a very dedicated location

OK. Reference removed, even though its correct ..
now it doesn't authenicate at all. Damn! 

> of vchkpw binary you intend to be used. Did you
> '-HUP' inetd after changing the line for pop3?

Yep, sure did. Must be something somewhere else?



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