On Tuesday, June 17, 2003, at 08:00 AM, David Bronson wrote:
My question is this: There is now qmail locals file. As I change MX
records, I would like the old server to forward mail to the new one. How
can I change the vpopmail locals database and not change the rcpthosts?

I guess I could vdeldomain and add back the domain to rcpthosts, is that
the best way?

I did this recently on a server using CDB, and here are the general steps that I did, in order.

stop qmail on old
add domain.com to new (use any password, next step will fix it)
copy ~vpopmail/domains/domain.com from old to new (I used rsync, ssh would work as well)
change MX record on DNS server to point to new
remove domain.com from old
add domain.com back to rcpthosts on old
make sure old has new MX record for domain.com
start qmail on old

Keep in mind that this worked for me because server "old" was also the DNS server for all of the domains, so I was sure it would have the correct MX record for each domain as I moved it.

If you don't have that luxury, I think you can use smtproutes on the old server to force it to relay the mail to the new server.

I was able to automate a lot of the process using scripts and ssh between the two hosts (I set them up as trusted hosts so I wouldn't have to constantly enter my password).

Don't forget to move the alias domains as well! They don't appear in ~vpopmail/domains -- you'll have to look in /var/qmail/users/assign to find them.

Tom Collins

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