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Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2003 3:24 PM
Subject: [vchkpw] Quota warn messgae

> hi ppl
>  i m using qmail on redat with vpopmail latest version.
> I set that .quota warn message file for quota warning message, but do't
> why it sending mail when quota limit is near 20 or 15% used.

To ensure that your quota counts are always accurate, you need to make
sure that any applications that are involved in the adding/removing of
are maildir++ compliant.

Using a non maildir++ compliant POP3 daemon (such as the one that comes
with qmail) is the most common cause for the quota system to falsely be
reporting that a user has hit their quota limit.

Bill Shupp has a patch for qmail that fixes both the qmail-pop3d
and the qmail-local programs so that they become maildir++ compliant.
You can download this patch from here :

I would recommend that you then go and delete all your user's
quota files (because they contain inaccurate counts). The quota
files will be automatically recreated and will contain the correct
totals next time a message is delivered.

I have used this command in the past on my server to zap all
the user's quota files :

  find /home/vpopmail/domains -name 'maildirsize' | xargs -i --verbose rm
'{}' 2>&1> ANd some time i have one or two mails and got quota warn message,
why and
> the date it show in the header date field is very far behind the currrent
> date.........why

This is a limitation of the vpopmail quota warning system. The
warning message does not contain any date field, which causes
assorted weird results depending on the mail client that is used
to read the message. A little more information about this is
available in the archives here :

Hope that helps!


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