hello vchkpw users:

well, progress on the migration and faq bits of the toasterz site
continues, albeit slowly.

one of the major issues of resistence i've come across is that we
developers, understandably, only want to maintain one version of our
documentation.  i believe that documentation should be consistent and
easy to maintain,  yet someghow distributed widely.  this seems a
perfect application for an rss feed or the like.

distributed documentation syndication is the goal. let's call it
really simple syndication for docs or rss-doc. any other suggestions?

make an xml doc publicly available and whomever can pick it up for inclusion in their content... easy to wrap in their look and feel etc.

my first thought is rss, but maybe something else makes more sense.  i'm
going to poke around more, but i thought i'd float the idea to the
community first.


Kelley Graham

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