Here stage by stage what I do.
I to create my data base vpopmail in phpmyadmin
I create a user vpopmail/password which has the same right as root (it's
right for the test)
I modify the vmysql.h with name of user vpopmail: vpopmail and my password:
I compile vpopmail with :
./configure  --enable-roaming-users=y --enable-mysql=y --enable-qmail-ext=y
--enable-logging=y --enable-relay-clear-minutes=60 --enable-auth-logging=y -
-enable-mysql-logging=y --enable-clear-passwd=n --enable-sqwebmail-pass=y --
enable-log-name=vpopmail --enable-mysql-replication=y --enable-large-site=y
--enable-passwd=y  --enable-learn-passwords=y

I make "make" then "make install-strip".

But my tables were not create in the base vpopmail... The user must be

Can somebody help me or  to install the support mysql for vpopmail?

In advance Thank you


PS: Sorry for my english ;-)

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