1.    What I would like to know is how to add my email user accounts without a password so the first time my email users login it will remember their passwords?  I am setting up a server that will have about 100 virtual domains and each of those domains will have 10 to 15 email accounts.  I need to create all of the email accounts without passwords so I can use the learn password functionality.  This eliminating calling all of these customers and will be a big help. 


I have tried to leave the password blank using the -n parameter, but the remember password functionality didn't work when I did that.  I also tried setting the password to null in the MySQL database after creating an account, but that allowed a user to login with any password.  Any help on this would be extremely appreciated.


2. I would also like to know if that when I setup a domain using the command

./vadddomain domain.com passw0rd -q 10m

If this command sets a limit on the entire domain to 10 megabytes.  If this doesn’t work this way, I would like to know how to limit the size of an entire domain.


Please advise,


Thank you,

-- Justin C.


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