Flavio Curti said:
> On Mon, Jun 23, 2003 at 06:36:41PM -0600, Matthew Walker wrote:
>> I'm fiddling with adding IPv6 support to vpopmail, and I thought before I
>> got too far with it, I would check and see if anyone is working on this
>> already.
> What's not IPv6 ready in vpopmail? I run it on IPv6 hosts, and it works
> fine. (Even SMTP-after-POP works).

I spoke with Bill Shupp on his Toaster mailling list about this, and he says
that vpopmail strips off the IPv6 portion of the address, leaving just the
IPv4 compatible bit at the end. (Having read the code, I've have to agree
with this)

The problem happens because vpopmail then stores this IPv4-ized address in
the tcprules file, and when tcpserver tries to authorize an address against
the rules, it can't find a match, since it is checking the IPv6 version of
the address (This is assuming the 'remote' host is using an IPv6 address.)


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