I use vpopmail 5.2.1 and courier-imap 1.7.3 and I have lot of quota problems:
- vpopmail adds on the file's name size of the file:

-rw-------    1 vpopmail vchkpw       3501 jun 24 20:39 

but S=3411b is not exact. Size is 3501b. The difference is about 80-100b. Not too 
much, but
when you have lot of emails like 2Kb it is about 5%. My system is about 300Gb. 5% is 
15Gb !
It is probably because maildirquota.c checks the size then create file in /tmp
and adds last header:
          Delivered-To: xxxxxxxxx
          Received: (qmail 22291 invoked by uid 505); 24 Jun 2003 19:01:15 -0000

this last header is not inside of quota !!

- this system of quota work when:
  - you have a single pop3/imap
  - catch-all

  and does not work when you have an alias in .qmail:
  # cat .qmail-email
  it is because qmail-local does not know anything about this quota system
  with S=xxxx. Emails are delivered but the files are without S=xxxx and maildirquota
  file is not changed.

-rw-------    1 vpopmail vchkpw       4502 jun 24 20:45 1054477010.13431.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  If you want to have quota, you have to patch qmail-local (!!) or change all 
  You can use (is it the best idea ?) vdelivermail:
  # cat .qmail-email
    | /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' /home/vpopmail/domains/mydomain.com/email

- maildirquota.c from vpopmail is not the same than maildirquota.c from courier.
  maildirquota.c from courier seems to be better. For exemple there is #TRASHQUOTA 
  which allows to choose if trash emails has to be added in email quota or not. I 
  did not test if #TRASHQUOTA works (I deleted code) since in authlib/preauthvchkpw.c 
  #HAVE_OPEN_SMTP_RELAY does not work. I had to delete #HAVE_OPEN_SMTP_RELAY. then
  only open_smtp worked with courier-imap !?

- I do not attach patchs since I do not know if you are interesting in. 2-3 months
  ago I sent a patch for open-smtp (which change open-smtp system from file to dir)
  and I have no answer. ftp://ftp.ovh.net/made-in-ovh/vpopmail/Open-Smtp-Dir.README.us


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