Maybe I'm missing something, but why can't you continue to use userdb for system users?

qmail - will still work like it used to
courier-imap will work with it
courier-pop will work with it.

I don't use sqwebmail, but I assume it uses the same auth mech as courier-imap does, so it would still work as well.



Robin Szemeti wrote:


We have been running qmail with sqwebmail for web-mail, we have been using /etc/userdb for sqwebmail authentication, as this is allows us to have seperate mail passwords to ssh/login passwords on system accounts ...

we've recently upgraded to vpopmail and vchkpw and would really like to continue with the 'seperate password' scenario, but as far as I can see the only option is to authenticate system accounts agaisnt /etc/passwd

My only thoughts so far are to set up a virtual domain for localhost, add users to the domain and then symlink /var/vpopmail/domains/localhost/<username> to /home/<username> ....

this must be an already-solved oroblem, and I'm just not seeing it ... any clues?

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