Check the /var/qmail/control files and the /var/qmail/users/assign file.



Ken Winke wrote:

I'm working with vpopmail-5.3.20 attempting to create domains for a brand new mail server, and it's not playing very nice. When running the vadddomain command, I get the response that the domain already exists. When trying to run vdeldomain, I'm told there is no domain with that name.
So, I deleted the vpopmail database from MySQL, flushed the tables, and re-created that a few times to no effect. I've recompiled and reinstalled vpopmail but still no luck. No domains appear in /home/vpopmail/domains but yet it still thinks they're there.
Is there another database I need to delete to remove these domains rather than vpopmail or another way to convince the server that no..really..there aren't any domains and I'd like to start making some??

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