On Thu, Jul 03, 2003 at 10:02:54AM +0100, Howard Miller wrote:
> Hi again,
> Further to my previous email (follows), I have discovered something else. 
> I created a new user. I can send mail to that user and it correctly ends up in 
> the Maildir. BUT.... vchkpw does not authenticate that user ever - always an 
> error. Stranger still, the failure is *not* logged (unlike the "intermittent" 
> users).
> Something is broken!! Any pointers appreciated.
> Howard
Hello Howard, give us more info first?
what is the _exact_ error message on the client side?
what happens if you telnet to port 110 of the server and try to
auth the user manualy?
what options did you compile vpopmail with?
what's your pop3d run script?
stuff like that ;>


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