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read carefully the running instructions on my page at www.interazioni.it/qmail.

You must not use SUID and GUID bits on qmail-smtpd with the "Easy-version", but must run it directly as vpopmail root from tcpserver (or root if you have different users for different domains), and all will work nicely.

(This specific problem is due to the access() routine, that does not care of SUID and GUID bits. In the next release I'll make a step back and will change the access() routine back to the open() I used in the first version.)



At 04/07/03 04/07/03 -0400, Rick Macdougall wrote:

I think I just possibly found a bug in the chkuser patch.

If you have a .qmail alias with a . in the name, it gives a 553 user unknown. Yes, the alias is correctly defined with : replacing the .

I've tested this with Bill Shupp's modified patch and the easy-way patch.

Running an strace on the qmail-smtpd-chkuser program locally works fine

open("/home/vpopmail/domains/0/rkg-inc.com/.qmail-jerry.rosenblatt", O_RDONLY) =
-1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
access("/home/vpopmail/domains/0/rkg-inc.com/.qmail-jerry:rosenblatt", F_OK) = 0
alarm(1200) = 0
write(1, "250 ok\r\n", 8250 ok
) = 8

Doing it remotely gives

mail from:<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
250 ok
550 sorry, no mailbox here by that name (#5.1.1 - chkusr)

qmail-smtpd-chkuser is suid root (multiple domains in seperate home directories)

-r-sr-sr-x 1 root nofiles 80572 Jul 3 10:52 qmail-smtpd-chkuser

Any ideas?

vpopmail 5.3.20
qmail 1.03

Oh, and using rcpt to:<jerry:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> does work, so it's not a permissions problem I don't think.



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