The only thing I would add to this is the following:


Root is a special user, you should only log in as root under the most extreme circumstances. Create a user name for yourself, assign the rights you need to administer your system to yourself, and leave root out if it.

Novell & even those idiots at M$Soft get this. NEVER EVER use the account that has *** ALL *** the keys to the kingdom for anything except when aboslutely required, especialy in E-MAIL!!!!.


On Mon, 7 Jul 2003 17:37:15 +0200, Ilic Aleksandar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I can send mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED], cause I have that virtualuser in
vpopmail. Anyway, I can put any other address and it does not work. Vpopmail just
don't want to process dot-qmail files in /home/vpopmail/domains/<domain_name>
directory. I try even vpopmail-5.3.20. Problem is same
Ilic Aleksandar

SMR> qmail doesn't deliver mail to root.
SMR> You need to put under /var/qmail/alias a .qmail-root file, note that the SMR> user root will always fall to your DN, in your case, with SMR> some valid mail address so that all mail sent to root will be delivered to SMR> that valid mail address. Otherwise [EMAIL PROTECTED] will not get mail.

SMR> This is written somehere in the qmail documentation.

SMR> Hope this helps.

SMR> Regards
SMR> srosa

SMR> Ilic Aleksandar writes:

I am trying to solve my problems with vpopmail for days, but it just don't work.
Cause I thought that some qmail patches are making problems, I installed qmail
again, but without any patch, and I installed vpopmail following instructions.
And just to mention that I am working on Slackware-8.1 and mysql- 3.23.56,
qmail-1.03 and vpopmail-5.2.1
Before instaling vpopmail I check qmail and it is working just as it is supposed
to, also MySQL is working.
I confgiure vpopmail like this:

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